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Toy-based Simulation

Outbreak is an entirely new genre of gameplay, that we call "toy-based" simulation. In Outbreak, you will have a simulated virus outbreak to control. However, much like a turn-based game, you will have a chance to learn and decide while you make your next move.

However, like the real world, controlling an outbreak is not as simple as clicking a button. Therefore, Outbreak works by allowing you to control a number of individual mini-games, or toys, through which you experience each step. Distributing the vaccine to healthcare workers first? You have to pick them out of a crowded waiting room. Distributing the vaccine in Africa? Try your hand at driving the truck. Experience the outbreak from every level.

Pick a Disease—or Create your Own

Sure, there are many diseases out there—avian flu, ebola, AIDS, Spanish flu—so why only play one? We designed our game to be dynamically extensible, so you can play practically any scenario out there.

But why should we have all the fun? With a built-in editor, create your own disease. Can you transmit it through a handshake? Does it mutate every month—or every day? Create any pathogen on the planet—or make one straight from your imagination.

Break Out of the Game

Did you come up with the perfect shopping list to prepare you for the next pandemic? E-mail it to yourself! Built-in features allow you to take valuable information outside the game world.

…and many more!

For more features, be sure to read our Wiki. And for more information about how to play, read our story.